Give yourself an experience of a lifetime

Ann Boman, Sweden

To describe the experience of a rounding course in Bijauri, at India’s midpoint, is like describing a color. It quite simply cannot be done. I have no idea what was happening – but I have to do it again!


The inner experience was beyond words, and it is still very present, several months after returning home. What contributed to this unique holistic experience were the amazing buildings built according to Vedic architecture Stapatyaveda, the spacious rooms, the amazing good vegetarian food, the very high level of service and the good management of the course. And of course the long structured daily rounding programs for meditators and sidhas.

But what really stands out and cannot be compared to any other rounding courses are the Vedic pandit´s recitations. Each day five Vedic pandits came to Bijauri to recitate for an hour. This was powerful. But the highlight was undoubtedly the weekly live performance of a Atirudrabhishek; A Yagya for World Peace recited by 1331 Vedic pandits – for three hours. A totally unforgettable and profound experience that participants are offered each week. After these weekly visits at the pandit’s campus, it was easy to understand Maharishi’s desire to build a permanent group of 9,000 Vedic pandits there. For our part, it was easy to make a decision to donate a substantial sum each month to support the project. When Maharishi in 1992 talked about Atirudrabhishek he said that this “Maha Yagya is the most powerful Vedic performance for maintaining balance in Nature.”

The holiest of all holy places in India

The Bijauri area is very close to the midpoint of India – also called Brahmasthan. Maharishi described this area as the holiest of all holy places in India. The international course campus is made up of three large buildings where the participants stay, eat and do their rounding program. More buildings are under construction and the campus is constantly evolving. Just a few years ago there was nothing there – except an empty muddy field. It’s an impressive achievement in such a short time.

Twice a week we went by bus a few kilometers to the Pandit- campus. On Fridays, we listened to eleven pandits and on Mondays all 1.331 were performing. The bus ride to the Pandit-campus went on very bumpy roads between the village houses and gave us insight into how poor people live and work in rural India. This was also an interesting experience.

A large Swedish group in 2015

In February of 2014, we were six Swedes visiting the International guest-campus (Bijauri) at Brahmasthan. Larger groups came from Canada and Germany and there were also participants from other parts of the world. But no matter where we were from, we all agreed that this was an experience that went beyond anything we have ever met before.

I am most grateful for having had the opportunity to attend a two week course at Bijauri in Brahmasthan. My hope is that many more Swedes will have the same opportunity in the future. Therefore, Raja Bruce has pre-booked 10 double rooms from 2 to 16 February 2015 and if even more people want to come it is possible to book more rooms.


Raja Bruce and his family will also be in Brahmasthan at this period and they will help us to organize a 3-4 day trip to Amarkantak as an added bonus for those who want. Amarkantak is the area where Guru Dev spent about half his life in silence and many traditional Ayur Vedic herbs grow here. This is also the junction for the Narmada, Sone and Johila rivers and we will be able to visit several caves where many holy people meditated. The excursion is organized by one of Brahmasthans previous course leaders, an experienced governor who knows the area and its history very well.

It’s easy to get to the Brahmasthan of India. We flew with Aeroflot via Moscow to Delhi and then further on to Jabalpur. But there are also quite cheap flights via eg. Helsinki, Istanbul and Duha. And hopefully we will be able to negotiate on good terms if we become a large group.

If it is at all possible for you to make the trip, then seize the chance! Send an e-mail to me if you are interested in joining and you will receive further information. You will also be invited to a conference call where you will have the opportunity to learn more and to ask questions about the trip. Since February is an attractive month (due to the weather) it quickly becomes fully booked, so let us know if you are interested as soon as possible.

The Swedish group that went to Bijauri / Brahmasthan this year was, apart from me, Lars Persson, Anna-Maria Bäck, Per Swedin, Ankie Olsson and Urban Olsson. To contact the group organizers for the Swedish Group for their course at the Brahmasthan please contact [email protected] or call (0707-662166).

For anyone else who is interested in attending a course at the Brahmasthan please contact the Brahmasthan Course Office at [email protected] or please go to the Book Now page.

Ann Boman