Take a look at the latest addition to our Videos page. Entitled 1st Latin American Assembly at the Brahmasthan of India, it features lively accounts by course participants from Brazil, of their experiences attending the course at the Brahmasthan. The 25 participants from Brazil were part of a larger group of 50 from Latin America who visited the Brahmasthan in January-February 2012.

Several of them describe a beautiful experience of feeling the deep silence of meditation continuing even while they are in activity – a clear indication of higher states of consciousness.

Another recurring theme is that there is a different quality to a course at the Brahmasthan, as compared with a residence course or World Peace Assembly in their own country – even though this same group of Sidhas and Governors has attended many such assemblies in Latin America. One of them says she felt more protected here, and the experience is softer.

There is tremendous vibrant energy in the speakers, and the bliss they are feeling is impossible to miss. One of them says: ‘You can see from my face how happy we have been.’ This is true of all of the speakers, whether they say it or not. You can almost touch the bliss that they radiate.

Several of them speak of the need to inspire others from Latin America who had not attended the course – not only to come to the Brahmasthan next time, but also to be more regular in attending assemblies in their own country, so that they can make a difference in the world. They do seem to have had an inspirational effect on their countrymen, and another group from Brazil will attend the course in March 2013.