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Who can apply for courses in the Brahmasthan of India?

We warmly welcome all Governors, Sidhas and Meditators to enjoy the courses at the Brahmasthan of India.

What will my room be like?

Your suite at Bijauri includes a nice sitting area with two couches and a writing desk with chair, a nice sleeping area with two generously sized beds, place for asanas, closets for clothes and a private bathroom with modern glassed in shower area.

The course fee for a standard suite single is $810/week. The course fee for a standard suite double is $1,170/week or $585/person.

What are the new Deluxe Suites like?

We are very happy to announce that 8 fantastic deluxe suites are now available at the Brahmasthan of India. Building three is now complete and contains 4 one bedroom deluxe suites and 4 two bedroom deluxe suites. Each deluxe suite has extra large windows, beautiful furniture and other upgraded features.

The one bedroom deluxe suites are twice the size of a standard suite and contain the following:

• large bedroom
• dressing area
• private bathroom
• sitting area with couches and side tables
• writing desk and chair

The two bedroom deluxe suites are three times the size of a standard suite and contain the following:

• two large bedrooms
• dressing area
• two bathrooms
• sitting area with couches and side tables
• dining table with 4 chairs
• one writing desk and one chair

The course fee for a one bedroom deluxe suite is $1,195/week. The course fee for a two bedroom deluxe suite is $1,796/week = $898/per person.

Do I need to arrange a roommate to request a double occupancy accommodation?

Yes, when requesting double occupancy accommodations, you need to have a roommate who is applying for the same course dates. The double occupancy course fee applies only in this situation. We will not be able to find a roommate for you. Should you or your roommate be unable to attend together, the single accommodation fee will apply.

Is it a good idea to come as a group or can I come on my own?

Either way is great. If you would feel easier traveling with some others, we suggest you contact your National TM organization office or your local Maharishi Enlightenment Center to organize, with others from your locale, to attend at the same time. It will be especially good to come with a group if you need help with translation. Coming with a group from your area is always an enjoyable way to attend a course and makes the travel to India easier. But however you wish to attend – everyone is invited to apply.

How close will we be to the main Pandit campus?

The main Pandit campus is about 20 minutes away by car. It is for the Maharishi Vedic Pandits only. We respect their privacy and will not be be going there except for special celebrations when there will be an opportunity to attend large Maharishi Yagyas at the main campus. We will however give tours of the main campus for all guests.

How do I reserve a room?

Your room will be reserved once you have paid 1/2 of your full course fee. This payment is due at least 90 days in advance of your course starting date.

After you have applied and been accepted to the course, payment instructions will be in the course acceptance email.

Since the rooms are limited, we suggest you submit your payment as soon as possible after receiving your course acceptance, to ensure that you have a reservation for your preferred dates.

To apply, Click Here

What is the cost of the courses? When and how do I pay for my course?

The course fees are as follows:

Standard Suite Single for one week = $810

Standard Suite Double for one week = $585/person

Deluxe Suite One Bedroom for one week = $1,195

Deluxe Suite Two Bedroom for one week = $898/person

Once you have applied and received your acceptance to the course, you will receive information on how to pay using one of the following:

Major credit card
Bank debit card
Bank wire
Check in US dollars, drawn on a US bank account

Your room is reserved once you have paid 1/2 of your full course fee. This payment is due at least 90 days in advance of your course starting date.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you have to cancel more than 60 days before the course you will receive a full refund, less a $50 processing fee.

If you have to cancel between 60 and 10 days before the course and wish to have a refund, 75% of the course fee will be refunded to you. If you wish to transfer your course fee to another week, 85% of the course fee is transferable.

If you have to cancel less than 10 days before the course and wish to have a refund, 50% of the course fee will be refunded to you. If you wish to transfer your course fee to another week, 60% of the course fee is transferable.

For those who cancel or transfer stays of three weeks or longer, the non-refundable portion of the course fee will be based only on the first two weeks.

What is proper attire during my stay?

Dignified casual attire as worn in your country is fine, although ladies should not wear Western trousers. The following items should not be worn at the Brahmasthan: tight tops, pants, jeans, leggings or short skirts for ladies; no jeans, shorts or t-shirts for men. Many international visitors find Indian-style clothing to be the most comfortable. Ladies may wear saris and punjabis. Saris are required when attending Vedic recitations by the Maharishi Vedic Pandits.

We suggest that ladies bring some saris and Punjabis with them.

Gentlemen may wish to wear the traditional Indian kurta. This is comfortable and dignified attire for the Brahmasthan.

Please bring comfortable, sturdy walking shoes and a sweater or shawl for the cool evenings.

What is the program structure?

You will enjoy a restful routine of long group program or rounding. During your stay in the Brahmasthan each day a group of specially trained Maharishi Vedic Pandits will come to our course facility to recite Vedic literature. Once a week you will go over to the main Pandit campus where the Maharishi Vedic Pandits will come to perform Rudrabhishek a powerful Vedic performance to create World peace. Beautiful Knowledge tapes of Maharishi will round out the day’s routine.

Course participants attending courses in the Brahmasthan during one of the Vedic calendar celebration days will have the added opportunity to attend these celebrations in the main Pandit hall located at the main Pandit campus . These Vedic celebrations are held when the profound structuring laws of nature, the Vedic Devatas, are most accessible and lively.

For a list of these dates please see our Special Celebrations of the Vedic Calendar page

I have children, can they come with me?

Child care is not available at the International Course Campus. Teenagers may come from 18 years and older with their parents, if they fully participate in the course. They would need to apply and be accepted, the same as everyone.

Can I extend my stay once I arrive?

Yes, this will be an option subject to room availability. This is a good reason to be sure your visa and passport are dated beyond your planned stay.

What are the benefits from my participation?

A great and fun question to answer! The International guest Campus offers a powerful and unique opportunity to dive deep into personal experience while every day enhancing and stabilizing those experiences through daily listening to the Maharishi Vedic Pandits and a rare and rich Vedic knowledge program.

In addition to profound personal benefits from this, your course fee goes to benefit the Maharishi Vedic Pandits providing much needed support to maintain and grow this precious group.

How will I connect with my world at home? Is there internet connection and cell phone reception?

We strongly recommend that guests bring their own computer. Your room will have internet connectivity, although sometimes the system might go down.

For calling using mobile phones, we strongly recommend purchasing a SIM card in Delhi/Mumbai when you arrive in India and before coming to the Brahmasthan. Guests should bring their own batteries; and, if rechargeable, they can be recharged at Bijauri.

Will there be laundry facilities?

Yes, there will be a laundry service available for a reasonable charge.


What is the time difference in India?

For information on time and current weather conditions Click Here..

Please note that India does not change its time for Daylight Savings or Summer Time so the time difference to other countries may change by an hour, depending on that country’s practices.

Any recommendations for staying overnight in Delhi?

Delhi is an international city with a huge range of hotels.

Because the flights to Jabalpur leave early in the morning (around 7 am), we mention below two options that allow you to stay within the airport itself.

Plaza Premium Lounge Plaza-Network

The Plaza Premium has hourly rates as well as overnight rates. There is a Plaza Premium Lounge in both the International Terminal 3 and the SpiceJet Terminal 1. Hourly rates may suit those who arrive during the night and want to rest for just a few hours before proceeding on with their journey.

We have made an agreement with the Uppal Hotel in Delhi. The hotel is very nice and they will give a discounted rate if you mention you are with ‘the Maharishi group.’ The hotel’s website is:

Will I need a visa to travel to India and how do I apply?

Yes, you will need a tourist visa to visit India. Contact the Indian Embassy or an Indian Consulate in your country for specifics and a visa application. Additional information needed to fill out the visa application will be provided in your acceptance letter. Be sure your passport is up to date and will not expire during your visit. Please do not apply for your visa until you receive your course acceptance. Request a tourist visa and not an educational or work visa – which will be much harder to get. For more detailed information Click Here.

I’m not sure how to travel safely in India

We recommend an excellent and inexpensive book called Enjoying India designed to give you the information how to stay safe and healthy, communicate successfully, and use your computer safely. The book is upbeat, not pessimistic. More information about the book, including ways to purchase—as a paperback as well as eBook and kindle—can be found here: enjoyingindia.com/enjoying-india-book

The publicity blurb includes:

It will give you the knowledge to navigate this unfamiliar land with ease. Enjoying India offers a wealth of insights into India’s culture and style of functioning, covering many important topics that are either dealt with superficially or omitted altogether by other books.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

Traveler’s insurance is recommended. Ask your travel agent for details.

How do I travel to the Brahmasthan? Is it hard to get there? Is there a local travel agent who can make the arrangements?

It is actually quite easy. The Brahmasthan of India is near the central Indian city of Jabalpur. First fly into Delhi’s new Indira Gandhi International Airport. From Delhi there are daily flights to Jabalpur, with Spicejet or Indian Airlines. Please note that the times for the Delhi–Jabalpur flights are very early and you will have to be at the airport 2 hours before your flight. You may find it more comfortable to plan extra time in your trip to stay overnight in Delhi.

We will arrange round-trip ground transportation from the Jabalpur airport to the Course Campus for a reasonable charge. Each Course Participant will receive an Indian telephone number to contact us in case of travel problems.

Arrangements have been made with an Indian travel agent who can help you with your flights and hotels, should you need that. Please feel free to contact:

Mr. Praveen Jain
Email: [email protected] and [email protected]
Phone: +91 9810016908 and +91 9810016909

Are there specific things I should bring with me to India?

The International Course Campus in the Brahmasthan has been designed with Western comfort standards in mind. But some personal items that people find handy include:

• A sun umbrella
• Flashlight
• Camera
• All personal cleaning and hygiene items (the next big town is quite far away for shopping once you have arrived)
• Slippers (marble floors can be cold on the feet in winter months)
• A thermos or flask if you want to keep hot water in your rooms

What will the weather be like during my stay?

International Courses in the Brahmasthan have been scheduled for the most pleasant time of year. Beginning in October the weather features warm/hot days and pleasant evenings. It may even be quite hot at noon for walking and you might be using your air conditioning units for a few hours a day then. By late November, December and January, you will need sweaters or shawls in the evening and may use your room heaters at night. For a website that shows the average temperature and weather, month by month, Click Here.

Will I ever need warm clothes?

During the winter months of December, January and February, it is recommended to bring warm clothes such as: sweaters, shawls, coat, warm socks, hat and gloves. See question above about weather for link to monthly weather averages.

Is it better to travel around India, if I want, before or after coming to the Brahmasthan?

For guests who would like to travel in India, we have found that they have preferred to travel after coming to the Brahmasthan.

Note: It is important that if guests want to travel in India, whether before or after coming to the Brahmasthan, they should have their travel plans set before they arrive in the country.

Will I need Indian money? If so, how will I get it?

It is always a good idea for guests to have some local currency. You will likely need some cash to pay for taxi/bus service, SIM cards, bookstore items, etc. so we suggest you get some rupees before you come to the Brahmasthan. The easiest way to do this is at Delhi airport where there are ATM machines and special kiosks for changing money. It is harder to change money once you leave Delhi.


Is The Brahmasthan of India safe – and the food healthy?

The Brahmasthan of India is very safe. We are in a quiet, lovely rural setting. The Bijauri campus is surrounded by small farms and small farming villages. And guards are there at our facilities around the clock to prevent even any local curious people from entering without good purpose.

The food is well prepared by professional chefs in a very clean, modern kitchen. You only have to take care from overeating – the food is that good!

What system is used for drinking water?

State of the art water purification systems are installed at the Bijauri campus.

I am an expectant mother, should I apply or wait?

It’s best to wait before applying.

If I have a chronic health issue, should I still come?

Anyone who has a severe health problem or overall significant health weaknesses should wait until their health improves, before coming. We strongly recommend that everyone who has a health concern should have a proper health check up and be confirmed by their medical doctor that they are fit to travel to India. The closest quality hospital is 2 hours away in Jabalpur. It is always a good idea when going on an overseas trip to first have a medical and, if possible, a dental checkup.

Also we suggest that if you are under medical treatment to bring all your own medicine with you.

We advise you to be in possession of a valid health insurance plan which would cover any necessary treatment in the unlikely event of a medical emergency. This should include any medical expenses incurred in India, including hospital admission if necessary, and special travel back to the home country with medical assistance.