“Since 2010, I have been inspired to visit the Brahmasthan of India and experience the Maharishi Vedic Pandits and their Vedic recitations on an almost annual basis.  Having recently returned from this year’s trip to the Brahmasthan, I can only say that if anything, the Pandits and their performances are more sublime than ever. Maybe it’s the years of enlivening pure consciousness in that place, or more and better pandits, or the improvements to their surroundings (air conditioning, building upgrades, better food), but they just keep getting better and better. My experience this year was pure bliss.”
Brad Cooke, Canada

“As a 44 year meditator, Sidha and Governor I have been on many, many courses. My experience of being on courses at the Brahmasthan is by far the best I’ve ever had. Programmes are deep and blissful, the daily recitation of the Maharishi Vedic Pandits has a profound effect on mind and body, there’s beautiful Vastu accommodation buildings and mouth-watering food prepared by jovial chefs. I have made life long friends at the Brahmasthan, and we meet there every year to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. From my first visit in 2008 I felt my life being transformed. Experience it for yourself.”
Peter Fenwick, Australia

“My experience at the Brahmasthan was utterly transformative, with long-lasting effects I enjoy even two years after my visit. There is nothing like hearing and seeing the Maharishi Vedic Pandits in person. I was blown away by the palpable bliss in the air, both at the Pandit and the guest campuses, and felt rejuvenated and enlivened after every Pandit recitation. The course leaders and liaisons are so joyful, and look after everything you need. Come for the consciousness, stay for the bliss!”
Mariel Day, Canada

“I came to the Brahmasthan of India with no expectations but my experience was beyond everything I could have wished for. Of course the rounding was profound and refreshing. Accommodation and food were well taken care of. The knowledge program with rare Maharishi tapes was a wonderful element. And I met so many interesting people, not to mention the fantastic course leaders. But what absolutely blew me away was the experience of the daily recitations by the Maharishi Vedic Pandits: an experience so profound that I cannot express it in words. I’ll be back for sure.”
Thom Kajaba, Germany

“To be there, in the midst of over 1,331 Pandits chanting the Veda—is the most powerful experience ever. There are really no words to describe it: one needs to experience it. The pace of the entire course is restful and the knowledge tapes the very best available. The air conditioning, if needed, works beautifully, and the course leaders are delightful! I would say: if you haven’t gone to the Brahmasthan yet, plan to go in the next season. If you have gone, consider going again – it just gets better and better.”
Helen Foster-Grimmett, Canada

“The Brahmasthan is really such a special blessing from Maharishi. I feel like I have finally found a home at the Brahmasthan. It is peaceful, serene and surreal – and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday India. Everyone you meet is filled with kindness and love. And the food is really great too! My most memorable experience was attending the Ati Rudra Abishek. It was such a life changing experience and I can still feel the imprint of the vibrations. I feel really honored and humbled to have been part of such an amazing experience and look forward to visiting again.”
Sharmini Naidoo, South Africa

“I am a meditator, but I loved coming to the Brahmasthan with my husband who’s a Governor. Even for meditators, the program at the Brahmasthan was very powerful, especially because of the Vedic Pandit recitations, which we were blessed to hear every day of our stay. The food was excellent, the rooms comfortable and the facilities and staff were wonderful. I can’t wait to return!”
Ann Weatherhead, USA

“The Brahmastan is a very special place, nestled in the quiet solitude of central India.  The staff were very helpful, kind and professional, the food served was delicious, the rooms were large and comfortable, and the long program, supplemented with daily Vedic recitations, was the most powerful I’ve experienced during my 43 years of attending residence courses.  Upon our return home, my wife and I felt well rested and blissful, and we are already planning our next visit there.”
Gar Weatherhead, USA

“The Brahmasthan of India is one of the most wonderful experiences available on earth today for TM meditators. Every meditator should try to get there at least once—we go as often as we can. The highlight is the Maharishi Vedic Pandits. One is spoilt by listening daily to an hour of Vedic chanting. Twice per week you attend a 3 hour Yagya—performed by the best trained Pandits in the world!
The experience is quite indescribable—hours speed by whilst you sit in pure bliss. ”
Vicki Broome, South Africa

“The Brahmasthan has such a sublimely peaceful and nourishing atmosphere and the entire program here is so easy, comfortable and relaxed. Every year when I return, I feel like I am coming home. Listening to the Vedic recitation by the Maharishi Vedic Pandits is a totally unique experience which enlivens the deepest level of consciousness with bliss and fulfillment while simultaneously purifying and strengthening the physiology.”
Barbara Ann Briggs, United States

“I had never been a huge fan of Vedic Recitation – usually finding I got quite restless – but a friend inspired me to visit the Brahamsthan. I went for 4 weeks and all was good with the programme, the recitation, the food and the facilities. The final week was the 9 days of Mother Divine and that was more than good. Everyday the experiences became deeper with a wall of silence becoming stronger. With meditation one never knows how one programme will be to another but with the recitation during the 9 days it became obvious that each day would give rise to a deeper and stronger experience and it did.”
Barry Spivack, UK

“Right from the minute I entered the gates of the Brahmasthan, I felt I’d “Come home to the lap of mother.” Everyone on the course was pampered by the welcoming course staff that couldn’t do enough for us; the buffet meals offered a variety of tasty options, the western style rooms were clean and comfortable and meditations were deep. Bliss simply pervades this place! But the highlight of the course was the experience of listening to the live yagya recitations by the 1331 Maharishi Vedic pandits. I felt restored and absolutely transformed from the inside out. Going to the Brahmasthan was the best gift I have ever given myself.”
Carolyn Grayson, Canada

“The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the Brahmasthan of India was that the whole atmosphere seemed saturated with a deep peace and silence which I had never before experienced. I immediately felt refreshed. I really enjoyed the structure of the course—the perfect balance of gentle asanas, meditation, knowledge tapes of Maharishi, meeting wonderful people from around the world and especially the delicious meals. But the real highlight of each day was the sublime experience of listening to the recitation of the Maharishi Vedic Pandits. I can’t wait for my next visit.”
Yasmin Kowalski, Australia

“Attending the course at the Brahmasthan of India I experienced the most profound sense of coherence and clarity — stronger than I have ever experienced before. The atmosphere was soft and light; there was no resistance anywhere; it was like frictionless flow. Life moved forward with no effort, no judgment, and was as easy as tracing a line in the air with your fingertip. The TM-Sidhi programme was also effortless, with thoughts of the mantra and sutras appearing from a source of complete transparency. I witnessed so many acts of generosity and pure love among the participants, it touched my heart. Enjoying life among the participants and staff for that special week was my most amazing experience to date. I would recommend that everyone who can get to the Brahmasthan, do so!”
BE United States

Listening to Vedic recitations by 1,331 Pandits (the Atirudrabhishek) is a truly special experience and I can say without embarrassment that I experienced a real sense of blessing. During these ceremonies, the atmosphere was so powerful that I felt as though each sound penetrated every cell of my body in such a deep way that it generated waves of perfect bliss, although I remained aware throughout of infinity and the boundlessness awakened in my consciousness.It was as if the Veda had touched and awakened my soul through the recitation. My entire DNA seemed to awaken to pure consciousness.
PC France

Some physical benefits from Atirudrabhishek: “Following a bad motorcycle accident in May 2012 in which I landed on my face at around 40 mph, I had massive dizziness whenever I got up or lay down: the room would spin uncontrollably for 3-5 seconds. After attending the Atirudrabhishek this has now completely stopped happening. In addition. resulting from the accident I hadn’t been able to lift my right arm more then 8 to 10 inches perpendicular to my body. I was so surprised when after 4 days of attending the 1331 Pandits performing Atirudrabishek I raised my arm up, without realizing it, above my head to reach for something without any pain and with complete movement!
MT Thailand

Since I came back from the Brahmasthan I realise the major transformational experience that has happened. Being at the Brahmasthan was so powerful that the reverberations easily extend across India and the world. The effect on the individual physiology is quite profound. Now I am back home and living in a Vastu (fortune-creating) house, money is flowing in effortlessly and the qualities of the heart are transformed. I now appreciate much more deeply the power of the Vedic Pandit groups. I have now arranged to support the Brahmasthan group as much as I can.
NR United Kingdom

Atirudrabhishek was magnificent. I can still hear it inside me, with all the bliss it creates. I can barely find the words to describe the profundity of this experience. It ranks easily alongside other such moments I have had in meditation, but different in some of its effects. ……. I became strongly drawn inwards to deep within myself. After that I was quite unable to open my eyes. There was a strong vibration throughout my body, and it felt that every cell was humming in concert. This vibration seemed to centre on my heart, which then opened. ……….. I was barely able to speak for a while afterwards. Undoubtedly this recitation is profound not only to the individual, but for our whole environment.
LC United Kingdom

My experiences with the trip to Brahmasthan: It was my lifelong desire to spend some time at the Brahmasthan of India. By watching the Maharishi Channel regularly my desire was increasing, so when I got the chance to visit I was so delighted. At the time I was having some back problem and I was having problem and experiencing pain when sitting for a long period. Consequently I was not sure whether I would be able to sit for the Navaratri chanting and the Atirudrabhishek. I was amazed to discover that my back pain was reduced during my stay there. Also I could sit for 2-3 hours to listen to the divine chanting. One day I sat for 5 hours. This is the power of the pandits chanting. The first Atirudrabhishek experience was really wonderful. Since I returned back I listened to the Atirudrabishek chanting every day for at least 2-3 hours…….The Bijauri campus was very, very comfortable. The course leaders were very kind and hospitable. They were always ready to help us. There are no words to express Raja Harris’s hospitality and kindness. These people together made our stay very comfortable and blissful.
VV India